Dr Richard Medland

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BIT (Hons1) QUT, GradCert (Research Commercialisation) QUT, PhD QUT

Richard Medland is an Urban Informatics alumni, lecturer with the Information Systems School (ISS) at QUT, the director of learning and teaching operations (ISS), Bachelor of IT first year coordinator, and learning support coordinator (IT) at STIMulate. His work focuses on developing and introducing ICT in developing environments, resource use in homes and office and support for learning best practices. He has co-authored 13 reports and research papers including publications within IEEE Pervasive Computing, CHI, Persuasive, and OZCHI. Richard is a twice recognised recipient of the QUT Vice Chancellor’s performance fund, and was an invited scholar at the Oxford Internet Institute.
He is a discipline leader of STIMulate a nationally awarded university-wide support for learning service. He works with universities, local partners, UNESCO, and governments in developing nations to introduce ICT into developing nations, having developed and deployed novel learning tools in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, and Malaysia. He has worked on various projects with private industry and public sector organisations over the last decade. Key among these are the Queensland state government as part of the Climate Smart Home Service, National ICT Australia, Digital Technology Management at the Technical University of Munich, the Digital Enterprise Research Institute in Ireland, and Lancaster University. Richard teaches regularly in the QUT undergraduate and masters programs for Information Technology.

Research Areas

  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Sustainability, Resource consumption in varied environments
  • Energy Demand Management, Smart homes
  • Scholarship of Learning and Teaching
  • Best practice in Support for Learning
  • ICT in Developing Nations