Miriam Mayer

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BSc. Media Informatics, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München



Miriam is working on her master thesis as an intern at the Urban Informatics  Research Lab, developing a system in which citizens are able to share, browse and discuss their ideas for the city. Her research investigates how technology can support participatory citymaking by concentrating on human-centered design and gaining a deep understanding of the ways in which citizens communicate and understand such ideas.

Before she joined the lab Miriam was a working student at BMW developing applications, designing user interfaces and assisting any UX-related questions and decisions.

She also designed and developed a website for the research initiative “Developmental Disorders of Scholastic Skills”. Here the focus lay on developing a system that was easy to maintain by the not computer-savvy staff and accessible for their patients.

Miriam tutored LMU’s Software Engineering and Media Technology courses. She supported the grading of the exam, assisted the students in any matter and supervised groups of students in the lab for photography and videography.

As a working student at Ray Sono in the Online/Editorial department, she assisted with the content management and supported various customer projects.



Contact Details:

Email: m.mayer@qut.edu.au

Twitter: @mira_mayer