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Liz Brogden

PhD Candidate


BEnvDes, UWA;

MArch, UWA


Liz is a PhD candidate with the Urban Informatics Research Lab and QUT Design Lab. She has a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from the University of Western Australia, and professional experience on a range of residential, commercial, and public architectural projects.


Liz has been employed as a sessional academic across various units in the architecture course at QUT including design, theory and technology subjects. She has managed the coordination of Architectural Visualisation 2 as head tutor, developed and led a semester-long program and lecture series as coordinator of Architectural Design Studio 7, and also run a “Design & Disaster” themed Masters Studio.


Liz’s research interests include Post-Disaster Shelter and Settlements Design, building upon her experience working on architectural projects utilising transportable and modular building technologies. Through her teaching practice at QUT, these interests have grown to include the broader implications of humanitarianism in design, architectural education, and design studio pedagogy.


Research areas

  • Disaster Resilience
  • Post-Disaster Shelter & Settlements
  • Urban Adaptation
  • Humanitarian Architecture/ Design
  • Architectural Education
  • Transformative Pedagogy
  • Design Futures
  • Sustainability



PhD Research

The increasing frequency and magnitude of disaster events worldwide is a phenomenon which is influenced by a multitude of factors, and not only the natural events which are the typical focus. In the same way that vulnerabilities embedded within built environments enable disasters to occur, resilient design has the capacity to prevent disasters entirely.


This PhD project proposes that the profession of architecture has an ethical obligation to respond to the slow-moving crisis of climate change. It explores ways in which humanitarianism can be incorporated within the main curriculum of architectural education, with a particular focus on post-disaster shelter and settlements design, and design for resilience.


Contact Details


Twitter: @LizBrogden