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David Corbett

PhD Candidate

MSc City & Regional Planning, University of Cape Town, South Africa

BSocSci International Relations & Environmental Science, University of Cape Town, South Africa


David is a PhD Candidate with the Urban Informatics Research Lab at Queensland University of Technology. Prior to this, he received a Bachelors’ Degree, majoring in Environmental and Geographical Science and International Relations, and a Master of Science degree specialising in City and Regional Planning (Royal Town Planning Institute Accredited) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He was a visiting student at the University of Stuttgart, Germany where he collaborated on projects utilising urban design interventions to improve the experiences for ‘urban refugees’ residing in the city. He has experience working with various Urban Design, Planning and Architecture companies and Civic-Private Partnerships in Cape Town, South Africa.


PhD Research: Challenging Gentrification: Novel Means for Community to Propose Alternative Land Uses

Growing attention on the use of technology in cities extends to challenging and improving existing urban planning processes. Civic participation in decision-making has been an aspect of planning under scrutiny for quite some time. However, thus far, projects applying technology to this issue have been in danger of perpetuating existing shortcomings and venturing into the realm of tokenism. The often controversial nature of gentrification lends itself to further study as these are often instances where tensions run high and clear, meaningful communication is most critical but often neglected or inadequate. This research project takes a comparative urbanism approach. Exploring similarities and differences in approaches to communication, conflict resolution and collaboration in urban development within different cities situated in the Global North and South. Using this to inform the development, testing and evaluation of novel methods for facilitating inclusive civic engagement and debate between city planners, property developers and civil society in determining sustainable land-use choices in the local context of Brisbane, Australia.


Contact Details

Email: dib.corbett@qut.edu.au

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dibcorbett