Social Lightscapes Workshop in West End

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Social Lightscapes Workshop in West End

The QUT Design Lab is hosting the Social Lightscapes Workshop 13-16 December, which will bring together leading international researchers, government representatives, students and local community stakeholders.


The workshop offers students the opportunity to participate in social research and to better understand the role that such methods can play in urban design and community engagement. Exploring key elements of social life in Brisbane’s West End, students will learn how to integrate social research into the development of lighting design interventions.


The Social Lightscapes Workshop offers continuous, practical on-site engagement as well as lectures and teaching materials on social research. Hosted by Professor Margaret Petty along with Dr Don Slater from the LSE, Dr Joanne Entwistle from Kings College London, and Dr Elletra Bordonaro, founder of Light Follows Behaviour and lecturer at RISD, the workshop team brings together a unique breadth of expertise in light, urban space and material culture, lighting design, and social and community engagement.


The Configuring Light research group ( at the London School of Economics has developed the workshop series aimed at design and architecture students and professionals that fosters social research skills and awareness within lighting design and planning.


The workshops will guide participants through a practical approach to social research in design, exploring actual urban sites, in order to help designers develop a more structured understanding of the social spaces they intervene in through their design work.


There is no cost to participate in the workshop, but commitment to participation for the 4 days of the workshop is essential.


Please submit expressions of interest (CV and short statement of interest in participation) to margaret.petty AT no later than 22 November.